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Getting Real Results with Sarms America ‘s Ostarine MK 2866

Getting Real Results with Sarms America ‘s Ostarine MK 2866

Okay by now you have heard of Sarms and the amazing results users are getting by using our Products. So you want to dive further and get a better understanding of each of our products well check out our weekly blogs as they are informative and can really help you understand the significant role that Sarms plays in your fitness life.

Ostarine MK-2866 has gained massive popularity in the last few years because of their positive effects and results with our fitness enthusiasts. What science is showing and our users are validating is the fact that Ostarine helps users not only preserve their muscle mass but actually helps increase muscle mass.

Ostarine what is it?

Ostarine also known as MK2866 or Enobosarm is designed to mimic the effects of testosterone by selectively binding the androgen receptor.

Athletes are using Ostarine for its muscle building effects. As mentioned previously Ostarine is designed to mimic the effects anabolic steroids but without the adverse side effects.

Scientific Data

  • Multiple studies have shown that Ostarine can increase lean muscle mass at dosages as low as 1mg per day. A recent study from 2020 showed that both MK-2866 and Ligandrol had shown positive effects of lean muscle mass.
  • Another human clinical trial from 2011 showed impressive results after using MK-2866. The study consisted of 120 older men who got either a placebo or 3mg Ostarine. The last group saw a significant increase in lean muscle mass and almost no side effects than the placebo group.
  • Next to gaining muscle, most studies showed an improvement in physical performance as well.
  • Most users who took Ostarine for a cycle of 8-12 weeks noticed an increase in strength and improved performance while working out.
  • Some prominent researchers suggested that Ostarine could possibly work as a cure for diabetes or any other metabolic syndrome.
  • MK-2866 can lower blood glucose, thus helps with improved insulin resistance.
  • Some users also noticed that Ostarine helped with burning fat but also could harden up the muscles.

If you have skeptical until now, you can see that evidence presented that the benefits of Ostarine are extremely interesting, so much in fact that the WADA quickly notice this and banned Ostarine for use in 2018 because of its increased usage and ability to boost a user performance tremendously.

Check out this post about Ostarine, if you want to learn more about it. 

Ostarine’s Optimal Dosage

Let’s talk about the optimal dosage for Ostarine. It can be pretty challenging to find the right amount; since this compound is still being researched, there isn’t an optimal or most effective dosage established.

However, most users found the best dosage by experimenting on themself.

Ostarine MK-2866 or Enobosarm is mostly used while cutting down. This is because it could help with preventing muscle loss on a caloric deficient diet. It is said that some people even notice muscle gains while cutting down and using MK-2866.

Most users seem to prefer a dosage for cutting between 10-20mg a day for a period of 8-12 weeks and for bulking a bit higher between 20-30mg.

Most users advise to start with a dosage of 10mg and adjust accordingly.

The half-life of MK-2866 is around 24 hours, making it very convenient since you can take the whole dosage one time per day. Some SARMs have a half-life of 6-12 hours, which means you need to take it 2-3 times per day.

There is not an optimal time to take MK-2866. Most people seem to take it first thing in the morning, and some prefer to take it right before their training. However, there is not a difference in terms of effects and results.

Sarms America’s Ostarine: What can you expect?

  • You can expect to receive a product that is 99.9 % Pure in Compounds.
  • Using MK-2866 could lead to some serious increase in muscle.
  • We know that the average increase in muscle mass is between 5-15 lbs. (Keep in mind that these are just anecdotal experiences and could vary by person)
  • Most users seem to notice effects after 14 days of usage.

In Summary,

Ostarine MK-2866 is an exciting and promising Sarm, which is used by different levels of fitness enthusiasts including body builders to improve physical performance. If you are looking to gain muscle and not have any serious side effects like anabolic steroids give you, then Ostarine is your choice of pill to take!

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