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Sarmsamerica Cardarine GW501516

Sarmsamerica Cardarine GW501516

Sarms for Sale-Visit our Sarmsamerica store to learn about all our Sarms Products. Today we invite you to take a look at this blog on Cardarine and its benefits.

Cardarine what is it?

Cardarine GW501516 is a unique type of SARMS (is a PPAR-delta activator) that was originally developed by scientists to prevent the formation of tumors on the colon, prostate and on breast tissue.

With further research, it was soon recognized for its ability to do the following: raise your metabolic rate;

  • eliminate body fat;
  • reduce recovery times and obesity;
  • improve heart health and blood vessels;
  • increase muscle growth;
  • treat inflammation and diabetes,
  • boosts stamina, energy, and endurance.

Sarmsamerica’s Cardarine is widely popular for its increase in cardiovascular performance. Alongside GW-501516’s ability to enhance endurance, it also has fat-burning properties. GW-501516 is known for its ability to help athletes have harder and longer workouts without getting fatigued

Cardarine is unique Sarm , it’s unique because it works by mimicking testosterone and activating the androgen receptors in specific tissues – such as your bones and muscles.

It is in doing so, you can achieve increased muscle mass.

Cardarine reviews and studies point towards it being used for the following:

1 – Fuel – by stimulating your glucose uptake, Cardarine forces your body to use glucose as its primary fuel source enabling you to work out for longer (as your energy levels rise).

2 – Burn fat – Cardarine achieves this in three ways: 1) by stimulating glucose (which helps to raise your fat burning capabilities, 2) stripping body fat from your stores (sparing carbohydrates), and 3) activating fat-burning and carnitine genes (ABCA1 and CPT1). Combined this can help to keep you lean.

The Science: in one study of 13 men it was found to decrease triglycerides, fatty acids, and VLDL proteins. In two other separate studies, where participants took 5-10mg of Cardarine for 12 weeks, researchers noted how it helped to raise HDL cholesterol (in 305 participants) and reduce LDL and APOB.

3 – Bulking and cutting cycles – Cardarine is regularly stacked alongside other SARMs and performance-enhancing drugs to help prevent muscle wastage (during a calorie deficit) and increase lean muscle mass gains.

4 – Brain – Cardarine can protect your brain vessels from oxidative stress and damage, by helping to maintain blood flow to your brain. As a PPAR-delta it boosts the development of nerve cells, whilst having both pro- and anti-inflammatory effects.

5 – Obesity – during a study on 6 overweight volunteers, after taking 2.5 or 10mg of Cardarine (per day) over 2 weeks, they witnessed reduced symptoms of metabolic syndrome, as well as increased fat burn and carnitine in muscles. Cardarine also helped to lower liver fat by 20%, insulin by 11% and blood fats by 23-30%, and stopped the activity of inflammatory substances via PPAR delta activation in fat tissues. This helped to reduce chronic inflammation and obesity-induced insulin resistance.

6 – Heart and blood vessels – it is believed that Cardarine can have a direct effect on your blood vessels by preventing oxidative damage. This reduces plaque build-up in your arteries, whilst increasing levels of nitric oxide. Low Cardarine dosages can reduce tissue damage and inflammation to your arteries, decreasing the risk of heart disease.

7 – Kidneys – it can reduce kidney inflammation (by reducing MCP-1 activity which is responsible for kidney disease).

8 – Liver damage – one of the main things Cardarine targets is your liver. This is because your liver is crucial for storing, burning and releasing fats into the body. It switches your energy source from glucose to fatty acids (via PPAR-delta activation). It also prevents insulin resistance in liver cells and when used short term can protect your liver from damage.

9 – Muscle growth and stamina – by activating PPAR-delta, Cardarine can encourage the development of muscle fibers, increasing your energy and endurance levels to nearly twice as long.

10 – Skin diseases – the activation of PPAR-delta can improve inflammation in skin cells that can occur as a result of skin diseases such as psoriasis.

11 – Wound healing – by increasing nitric oxide, this can help to optimize blood flows and improve wound healing.

In Summary

Cardarine is great for both bulking and cutting. So the Cardarine dosage you need will depend on where you are in your cycle.

Typically you should only take 10-20mgs of Cardarine a day, split over two dosages. This is due to Cardarine only having a half-life of 16-24 hours.

Bearing that in mind, for optimum fat loss you should split the 20mgs into two 10mg Cardarine dosages and take them roughly 3 hours before you exercise.

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