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1 x ANDARINE S4 – 25mg

1 x SHRED SR9009 Stenabolic – 10mg

1 x CARDARINE GW501516 – 10mg

1 x TEST BOOSTER RAD140 Testolone – 15mg


Sarmsamerica ANDARINE active ingredient (S4) is an all-rounder Sarm, however it is most noted in research for muscle protecting abilities especially during a reduced calorie intake period (fasting/dieting). It also has excellent fat burning and muscle building effects and strength increasing abilities even while reducing weight. Research has also shown that S4 can help to strengthen bones.

Due to the fact that buy Andarine S4 binds to androgen receptors selectively, it can increase strength and build lean muscle mass without creating water weight, drying out the joints, stressing the liver, or causing severe suppression or shutdown.


Sarmsamerica SHRED SR9009 Stenabolic is popularly dubbed ‘exercise in a bottle’ due to its uncanny effect of modulating the body’s physiological response as though it’s in a state of constant exercise.

Sarmsamerica SHRED SR9009 Stenabolic increases the basal metabolic rate and maintains energy homeostasis by altering the expression of genes involved in lipid and glucose metabolism. Studies show that intake of buy SR9009 also decreases the storage of fat tissue, aids cholesterol and bile acid synthesis in the liver, increases mitochondrial content (the cell’s power house), and improves glucose and fatty acid oxidation to support skeletal muscle development.

Even in the absence of physical exertion, with Sarmsamerica SR9009, metabolic pathways continue to stay high minus the ‘wired effect’ on the central nervous system, observed in most fat burners on the market.

Sarmsamerica SHRED SR9009 Stenabolic works by increasing the number of mitochondria (energy producing cells) in skeletal muscle, therefore increasing the body’s metabolism. It also carries a duel role of eliminating damaged mitochondria and replacing them with new ones for an overall improved metabolism.


Sarmsamerica has the highest quality, and the best cardarine for sale. Cardarine Sarm GW501516 is one of the most popular sarms for researchers. Cardarine GW-501516 isn’t SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). It is a Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR). This means the activity in the gene is transformed, causing a change in how energy is put out.

Buy Cardarine can help use your stored fat for energy, just alike the amino acid L-Carnitine, but way more efficiently. This product helps speeding up the fat loss process. With GW 501516 It increasing stamina and performance, you will be burning a lot more calories through your workouts. It’s also known for boosting up human metabolism. This is why a lot of users will add it to a cutting cycle.


Sarmsamerica TEST BOOSTER RAD140 Testolone mimics the effects of testosterone without being a hormone and while having none of the side effects of testosterone. It therefore increases lean muscle mass and reduces body fat simultaneously. TEST BOOSTER also selectively targets androgen receptors in the brain making it neuroprotective, with many users reporting an increase in memory and memory recall times, as well as an increase in reaction times while using RAD140. Sarmsamerica provide the best RAD140 for sale in USA.

Studies with RAD140 Testolone have shown an incremental increase in lean mass which increases with the dose. At the same time buy RAD140 created a loss of fat tissue and aided in the preservation of muscle tissue with an additional anti-catabolic effects.

 Like most other SARMS, RAD-140 has a strong affinity for the androgen receptor. However, it does not affect the prostate gland in men or cause androgenic symptoms in women; this means it’s pretty safe for everyone. It was originally designed as a treatment for osteoporosis and later found effective against breast cancer.

 This SARM creates anabolic processes by targeting androgen receptors in your skeletal muscles, which is exactly what is needed for pure muscle growth. Skeletal muscles are the ones you can willingly control, such as your deltoid, biceps, pecs and so on. Mostly, these are the muscles you activate while working out.

Beside the pumps, great strength increase and mass gain, it makes you extremely vascular. It brings even the most hidden veins in your body to life. This is what makes users compare it with Winstrol. It hardens you up, makes you vascular and gives you crazy pumps.

With all the helpful and game-changing benefits it has and almost no side effects, this SARM is the go-to for having enhanced workouts and for those wanting to add a few more pounds of lean muscle mass to their frame. Especially combined with the MK677, RAD140 is probably the best and the safest choice on the market.


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  • 99% Pure Sarms
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Raw compound sourced from the USA
  • HPLC Tested
  • Registered USPS, Canadian Post with tracking number
  • Scientific-backed advice and assistance

These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailments. For research only.


The dosage to use our shredded stack are as follows.

ΑNDΑRINE S4: A dose of 25mg per day for 5 days on and 2 days off per week of S4 is recommended. Each bottle contains 30+ days of use. Cycle Length: 8 – 12 weeks.


CΑRDΑRINΕ GW501516: A dose of 20-30 mg per day is recommended. Each bottle contains 30+ days of use. Cycle Length: 8-12 weeks.  


SHRΕD SR9009 Stenabolic: A dose of 20-30mg per day is recommended. Each bottle contains 30+ days of use. Cycle Length: 8 – 12 Weeks.


TΕST BOOSTΕR RAD140 Testolone: A dose of 30mg per day is recommended. Each bottle contains 30+ days of use at 30mg per day. Cycle Length: 8 – 12 Weeks.


With the SHREDDED STACK, you’ll not only feel the difference in your workouts but also see it in the mirror.

So, elevate your fitness game with the SHREDDED STACK and redefine what your body is capable of. It’s time to take action, unleash your potential, and achieve the shredded physique you’ve always dreamed of. Get started today and be the envy of the gym!



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  1. Nico

    Best products on the market. Get results and customer service 💯

  2. Nico

    Best products on the market. Get results and customer service 💯

  3. Carson

    Best deals and best quality products 💯satisfied

  4. Carson

    Best deals and best quality products 💯satisfied

  5. Bobby

    Top quality! Amazing results !

  6. Bobby

    Top quality! Amazing results !

  7. Christopher

    Top notch products that deliver results!

  8. Christopher

    Top notch products that deliver results!

  9. Franco

    I’m happy with the results good products

  10. William B

    Great service great results. Highly recommended

  11. Vince E

    I did last year and it was awesome hard muscles and ripped. Just bought a new one Monday and I can’t wait to run this. Thanks for the good customer service to follow up with me and answer my questions

  12. Jason L

    I was always lacking strength and energy during my cutting period. This stuff gave me 50% easier to get there with a lot of more results. I recommend it no doubt !

  13. Nicolas F

    Amazing customer service. Well guided loving the results

  14. Gerald B

    Products are effective and I like the packaging. Great service from there! Will return happily as a customer.

  15. Bernard L

    I found Sarmsamerica after a long time of searching for reputable provider of similar product and I was very impressed with their selection, response time, clarity of their product as well a nice surprise when my shipment arrived a very professional detailed write up of each of their product. Overall very impressed so far. Only a week into a cycle and I’m excited to see what kind of results I’ll see

  16. Lance Brooks

    Easy to order & it came fairly fast.. price is good.. this combination works great.. will order again from you guys! Keep up the good work!

  17. Francis Boilard

    Great all around. Have been cutting fat while still being able to build muscle and make gains in the gym. GW has allowed me to keep going strong with my cardio. RAD makes me STRONGER which sucks while dieting but it works. Good products.

  18. Kyle M

    Love it second round ordering it great results the first time excited to see what this time brings!

  19. John M

    As advertised, easy to proceed the payment. Good customer service 👍

  20. Antonio D

    Great service. Highly recommended. Will buy again!

  21. Shawn D

    Saw this online and already knew about Sarms and Sarmsamerica tried it with my wife and we both felt a huge benefit in our workouts, stamina, mood, appetite, and sleep. Almost every aspect of our fitness has improved. We will continue for another month and keep maintaining what we have achieved so far. Very happy with the results.

  22. Eric Bern

    This my third order and it’s Definitely the best Sarm company I ever tried.

  23. Gerald M

    Amazing results much as expected. Thx Sarmsamerica!

  24. Leornard Firman

    Ultimate product for weight loss. 2 friends and my self we used this shredded stack from sarmsamerica and we got good results.

  25. Akram L

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  27. Peter Calahan

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  28. Jason Malbro

    I can say It burns!
    Great sarms.

  29. Christopher Noonan

    Always a fan of Sarms America. Products are great, visible results after a few weeks. On top of that the communication/response times from the customer service team. US Post had made an error with my order and Sarmsamerica got right onto it and replaced them right away. Exceptional customer service and customer care. Highly recommend Sarms America.

  30. George Trottman

    Great stuff for bulk mass and cutting at the same time. I will purchase more.

  31. Harry Snivell

    This Fat Burner Stack is one of the Best stacks I have taken-the results are absolutely outstanding.

  32. Myles Spinner

    I have tried other Sarms companies and never been fully satisfied. With Sarms America I have seen results and I am fully satisfied with the quality of products- Your the Best

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  40. Carlos M

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    Quality is here.

  41. Justin M

    My 2 cousins got great results with Shredded stack from Sarmsamerica. I’m following them can’t wait to see the results.
    Great service.

  42. Mario G

    I added 4 time cardio a week with the fat burner stack. After 2 weeks on I can see
    My waist thinner and my abs improving.
    Great products!

  43. Melvin Preston

    I used one shredded stack it was so helpful to help me loosing fat l. My abs shows a lot better now.

  44. Jason Malto

    I can see a big difference only after 2 weeks of intense training. This brand of sarms is really good. I will definitely be a return customer.

  45. Joey Peterson

    Got the products in 5 days here in California. I started a diet 5 weeks ago and I used shredded stack with SR9009, Andarine, RAD140 and Cardarine. I felt more energy and a lot of suet’s during training. My cardio perform better too wich it’s a good help due of calories decrease. I lost significant amount of fat the last 2 weeks. I ordered another one to complete my 8 weeks cutting. You can try their products it’s very good!

  46. Oscar

    I have gained energy and lost the fat I needed too with this stack. I have recommended it to my for Ed’s and they are fully satisfied- thx team and thx too to customer service agents you have been great in answering my questions .

  47. Valerio

    Best profits for me in this stack – performance has been really great – thx

  48. Mike Kazanski

    Insane products. I lost so much fat quick and I felt a lot more energy.

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    These products including Cardarine and other products in this sarms stack providing me a lot more energy and focus.

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    Wish I would have bought your products earlier – they are top notch and get the work done

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    If I have one regret is that I waited to order and tbh these products work and you actually see results in less than 2 weeks

  57. Carmen

    Great products that work ! Reordering

  58. John Stevenson

    My goal was to cut fat and maintain my muscles gains. Finally I cut fat very quick and I gained 2 pounds.

  59. Nate

    I am first time user and to tell the truth I was very skeptic at first. It’s been less the 18 days and wow your products work fast and I am feeling great 👍

  60. Bernard Cohen

    Sweating so much the first week. I guess because I dropped all the water retention. I have a lot more energy and focus at the gym. With a good diet this stack is amazing. Each year I’m using 2 stacks in a raw because summer. Absolutely great sarms products!

  61. William

    You want the real deal in Sarms – Sarmsamerica is your go to place

  62. Jeremiah Huerta

    I’ve been back in the gym for 2 months now and since I’ve started taking this I can see a difference already and compliments from everyone that I’m shredding weight and bulking I’ll definitely be buying another Sarmsamerica shredded stack once this one is done.

  63. Henry

    Excellent customer service – products work really well.

  64. Mike

    Your products are really good and effective. Thx

  65. Ben

    Been using it since 2weeks and these are good gym supplement.s
    i feel like im doing better gym performance,
    stronger and also better endurance
    Excellent choice

  66. Kevin Walton

    This shredded stack makes you want to lift longer and harder when at the gym. My muscles look more defined and cut getting that lean muscle mass I have been looking for. I’m almost done with the first months supply and I will definitely be buying another.

  67. Chad Glory

    I have been taking this stack for about 2 weeks now and have been noticing a dramatic change in my body. I have been lifting weights and I can personally see the changes in my body since taking this loosing fat quickly and working out. This is a great stack to take to help build muscle at a rapid pace.

  68. Ben Liverio

    Added Shredded stack to my existing pre-workout stack and have noticed solid improvements over the past few weeks. This sarms products works amazing!

  69. Christopher Madera

    I absolutely love the shred stack!! Lately, I have been trying to eat cleaner in an effort to get lean and gain muscle after the fat is shed off. While taking these sarms, I definitely have noticed that my body feels tighter and more sculpted after using this stack. Also, my performance energy is out the roof!!

  70. Pat Moseley

    Love Sarmsamerica. I take Shredded Stack and Run 4 days and lift weights 4 days….never could run and lift at the same time…but my body heals so much faster like by the next my knees don’t ake like they did before…my abs are starting to show…guys at work be like wow what are you doing and taking you look great! Just buy Sarmsamerica…they work!

  71. Liam

    I have held back with using Sarms but then I was able to get great advice from Sarmsamerica team and I purchased this stack and the results have been so amazing that I highly recommend Sarmamerica sarms .

  72. Thomas

    Exceptional customer service and products work fast

  73. Allesandto

    Love this stack you have the best quality products and your products are worth the money. You pay for what you get. # 1 Quality

  74. Bernie Coleman

    I have taken this shredded stack supplement for the past month and have noticed some amazing fat loss and great energy increases! Take this, sleep well, eat enough, and train hard and you will notice the difference.

  75. Mike Reeves

    Does what it says! Shredded stack gave me a solid boost at the gym and was most definitely noticeable. I am only a week in but can tell quite a difference on bench press, leg press, and squats. I’m sweating more have more energy. It’s an affordable stack too which is unusual for such an effective product! Would recommend to anyone trying to progress and gain lean muscle mass quickly at the gym.

  76. Teddy Hannon

    I absolutely love the Sarmsamerica Shredded Stack !! Lately, I have been trying to eat cleaner in an effort to get lean and gain muscle after the fat is shed off. While taking these supplements, I definitely have noticed that my body feels tighter and more sculpted after using this supplement. Also, my performance energy is out the roof!!

  77. Brian Blair

    I’ve taken tons of different kind of supplements over the years and so far I love Sarmsamerica products. It takes a bit to kick in but once I start a workout I keep wanting to do more lifts and lift more weight. Really pleased with how focussed my lifts have become and the energy I get from it. Definitely recommend the Shredded Stack!

  78. Ziggy

    One of the best stacks I have tried with your company. Sarmsamerica Team you have been really great at providing me support and motivation to keep going. Results are flawless and truly have only positive things to say. Thank You

  79. Matthew Zhou

    Truly an amazing product. I don’t regret to have invest in the shredded stack. I got stronger within a week after taking it. my workouts have got more explosive using them. must buy if you want to get bigger, stronger and leaner.

  80. Fernando

    This stack has met all my expectations. I am seeing results after 2nd week and I am feeling very good. I am definitely reordering your products as your site is easy to navigate and your customer service is very responsive.

  81. Damon Durant

    I’ve used this stuff for about a month and I can definitely tell a difference. I gained muscle mass and weigh the same but my waist has definitely shrunk, my pants are fitting a lot looser than normal. I’ll definitely be buying more!

  82. Marco

    This stack is bringing out the better version of myself and it has been so nice to find a company that takes its business seriously in providing customers excellent customer care and more importantly products are of excellent quality that bring in results

  83. Ben Greene

    Are using the products for two weeks now I feel like it gives Energy in the gym in all day after the work out and getting leaner!
    Very satisfied with the product right now definitely recommend Sarmsamerica stack it to others.

  84. Gerry

    i have been taking this stack it for just over a week and a half and I’ve burnt 5lbs of fat already. I am working hard on my progress and yes nutrition plays a role but the products have kicked in and really is bringing home the results.

  85. Max Porter

    This is an amazing product. I have been using this shredded stack for the last 2 months and have seen unreadable strength, fat loss and endurance gains. I can see my abs a lot better now! If you work out you need to give this a try. Hands down one of Sarmsamerica best products!

  86. Rudy Moyer

    I feel much stronger after 2 weeks and noticing a good increase in muscle definition. I hope to continue taking it and see more results as I get stronger. I have recommended Sarmsamerica’s products to a few gym buddies.

  87. Leroy

    New season of workouts and this stack is really good. I have reordered already to keep my cycle going nothing comes close to quality of products like your company

  88. Ruben Hoskins

    Always looking for an edge, this is it!
    Sarmsamerica has an awesome line of products. Specifically, with this sarms bundle I have seen an increase in my endurance and recovery between sets. Would buy again!

  89. Nolan Jones

    I’m surprised this products worked but it does. You have to follow the instructions though. Doesn’t hurt my stomach which is something because everything fks my stomach up lol and felt great. Great energy boost and I have so much more strength now.

  90. Nero

    It make sense that your products have a very good reputation as they are very effective. I have seen results in such a short time that it’s only logical that I continue to pursue my results

  91. Aaron

    Your Shredded stack is incredible and fantastic. I have the determination to continue and have reordered so my progress continues at the pace it’s going which is great!

  92. Josh Gross

    I’ve been taking Shredded Stack for a few months now. It’s definitely something I will continue to take. It helped me lose 50lbs. Not only do they have amazing stuff (literally couldn’t have done it without Sarmsamerica’s products. They also have amazing customer service. They recently reached out asking how I like my products. I was honest. I told them I loved their products and they provided me 1 free Test booster rad140. And for that and their amazing customer service I’ll probably always be a life time customer!

  93. Sandra Jeffers

    Been buying these 4 times for my husband for over two years. They have helped tremendously in his endurance for in and outside the gym. He gets an awesome pump from them and has nothing bad to say about them. He lost 16lbs since and look more massive. They have always answer quick when I had questions. Awesome products and customer service Sarmsamerica!

  94. Nathaniel

    Feeling good and positive with all products I have taken to date. I am very much impressed with this stack and the products which are included in this stack

  95. Luke Morrison

    Best energy and pump I’ve had. Bought it originally as an experiment after hearing some good reviews about this stack from Sarmsamerica and was pleasantly surprised with the results more than I expected. It has safe solid ingredients too that passed my nutritionist’s basic inspection, I sweat more and my energy level is a lot higher. I got free shipping as well! Happy customer.

  96. Donovan Low

    After 1 week so far these pills are very effective for me, personally. This products keep my energy up during my training and tend to keep me from wanting to munch on snacks.

  97. Jake Bartlett

    Awesome products definitely got results within the first 2 weeks felt harder and lean. Noticable vascularity from using using this stack. Definitely will try again Sarmsamerica!

  98. Richard Devoe

    I noticed a significant improvement in my energy at the gym on the very first day. Since then, it has continued to keep me energized through the intense early morning workouts I do 5 times a week. What I really enjoy about this products from Sarmsamerica is that I have not experienced any side effects while using it. With this products, I leave the gym with a clear and focused mind and I’m able to remain productive for the rest of the day. I would definitely recommend!

  99. David McCrea

    I heard good feedbacks about this products from Sarmsamerica but you are never sure until you ever tested by yourself. The stack as it was my first time using it. I noticed the effects after about 2 weeks of using it consistently, my workouts appear to be more focused, I got that pump to lift heavier weights, my endurance improved and even after a wicked workout, I maintained energy and that volumized look after. My cocktail now includes this products and a pre-workout drink that just takes things to next level. This products is value for money as well.

  100. Jarod Coleman

    Products was what they claims. I felt more energetic and did notice that my workout routine was more efficient and productive. My calorie burn improved and I did see a noticeable change in muscle tone and around my waistline. I would recommend this stack from Sarmsamerica to anyone looking to take their overall workout to the next level.

  101. Andrew Guthrie

    I’m using this Sarmsamerica stack to prepare the summer. It gave me a huge energy push with my workouts more when I started it. I also noticed the crazier pumps I would get with it especially in my chest, triceps, and biceps. This is an overall good product and after my first usage of it, I continued and got another bottles.

  102. Trent Kelch

    This is great products, I have recently started Sarmsamerica shred stack and this is one of the best stuff. When I start to train can feel it kicking off immediately in 10-15 mins. I get energy jitters and definitely feel the difference during work out. I would definitely recommend it. I am currently using 3 pills pre-workout for my daily routine.
    One person found this helpful

  103. Jose Martinez

    Great products from Sarmsamerica. After a months use, energy is way up, my mental is stronger and I’m loosing body fat very quick!
    Test booster rad140 & Cardarine & Shred sr9009 & Andarine

  104. Jimmy Ipolito

    After using this products for a while ( 8 weeks ordered 2 stacks ) I have dropped about 19lbs, feel more energized and my hunger is suppressed. Awesome quality!

  105. Andre Guthrie

    Good products and good company. Took a chance since this products are in capsules and many competitors do in liquid with discussing taste. Have like the results. I am middle aged and in decent shape, but life has a way of tying you to a chair and other unhealthy things, even if you try to eat clean and stay fit. This stack is perfect for me. No side effects or need for liver support. It took only a couple of days to really feel a difference in my morning workout and it has been consistently improving over a few weeks now. Very happy with this products.

  106. Steven Drummond

    This stuff kicks a$s. Kills hunger cravings better than any of the other brands I’ve tried and gets me in the mood to MOVE! Has helped quite a bit with the weight loss, just purchased my 2nd stack of this stuff. Once I get back on track with more $ coming in I DEFINITELY want to give the Mass Building Stack and S23 a try. You guys ROCK!

  107. Jacob Fishel

    A friend of mine told me about this Sarmsamerica stuff and after a solid 2 months of taking it all I have to say it does the job 100%. Got me pumped about working out every single day without fail, energy levels are high, I used to feel sluggish around mid day- not anymore. Got my strength back and generally feel like a new and improved me!! Another thing is that their customer service is beyond excellent – they respond to all my emails the same day (within couple hrs), follow up etc. Highly recommend both Shred stack and Gh Booster!

  108. Kevin Barnes

    Since I’ve been taking this products from Sarmsamerica, I can feel a huge difference. I went from doing short workouts because of lack of energy to now I’m not only having better workouts, but I’ve been playing basketball twice a week + 4 gym workouts. That might not sound like a big deal to others but I grew up playing basketball and now being able to have the energy to play (7 full court games in a row), it’s a great deal to me. I just ordered my second shredded stack and I’m planning to continue ordering in the future with Sarmsamerica

  109. Stephen R

    I could tell a difference after about 3 weeks of using Sarmsamerica stuff. Just an overall tighter feel with my body. I have been using this products for about 2 months including about a 1 week break after about 4 weeks. I just love the stuff! Also, I must give a huge shout out the their customer service dept. Very helpful with questions and personal feedback. Awesome job guys!! Will continue to buy your products!

  110. Matt Wilbur

    I will not BS anyone. This products works, and it works fast. I’m only on my 8th day and I’ve noticed extreme gains. Considering I workout 7 day/split. I have giant muscle mass all over quite fast for only the first week of taking this. I’m sweating more and my energy level is on top.

  111. Julian Matte

    This stuff seems to work with in a few days. I’m 42 and do push pull workouts with 2 days of workouts and 1 day off. I recover faster already and seems to help me lift heavier weights. This products definitely help with my definition. My wife loves what the stack has done for us.

  112. Damian Mitu

    One of my friends recommended me this stack product for cutting. I was very skeptical but then after a week I was totally impressed! I’m very energetic but calm in the same time, I get sleep without waking up all the time, I’m more focused in my daily activities! Overall this is a very good stuff. Thanks Sarmsamerica.

  113. Michael Latham

    This Sarmsamerica products has made such an impact I thought it important to share. Been using it for about 2 months to aid in weight loss and it’s absolutely delivered. The main mechanism is appetite suppressing, which is mainly what I need. Combined with a healthy diet and workout regimen I’ve been able to drop 10 pounds over the course of a month, and I’m on course to do it again. This is not a miracle pill, but an aid to reach goals. Eat well, move, and drink your water, this will help fill in the gaps!

  114. Constantino Lindarte

    If you are in a caloric deficit it’s definitely helpful for water loss, energy and endurance. It also helps controlling appetite and don’t waste muscle during low carb diet. In my opinion it’s way better that regular fat burning products.

  115. Vincent Galeano

    This definitely does the trick for me. I’m 48 and been working out for over 28 years. Capsules are not to big and doesn’t leave me jittery afterwards. Will purchase again.

  116. Adrian Valdez

    Excellent sarms stack with great quality. I guess side effects may vary depending on the person. But bite the bullet anyways. I was hitting the gym hard and noticed more muscle mass and less fat with 0 side effects. Nothing but gains. But this isnt made for a lazy couch potato. You have to hit the gym hard for this to work🙏

  117. Tony Lesinger

    I bought shreddd stack from Sarmsamerica. They work great together. This helps a lot during my workouts. Love the way it’s reshaped my body at 41years old.

  118. James McCormick

    Gives me a kick in the pants when It’s kicking you to wake up and to do a workout!!! Burning fat quickly!! Very powerful stuff.

  119. Alex Lee

    Ordered Sarmsamerica Shred Stack to try a few months back and worked as advertised.
    Started building muscle within a couple of weeks and excess fat started disappearing.
    Ever since then I do a couple of rounds for the year as maintenance with great results.

  120. Albert Harvey

    Since I have started taking this stack I have seen an improvement on joint pain and a lot more energy/power. Good products and I am a repeat buyer.

  121. Peter Hudlin

    If you want something that eliminates that stubborn fat, provide a lot of energy, definitely get these products, I use here and there to stay lean and reduce the stubborn fat on my body cause I do like to indulge, combing these with exercising daily will only maximize your results. 🤙💯

  122. Martin Simonovic

    I lost a good amount of fat with this stack. I gained 5 pounds at the same time..amazing! And a lot of strength over a two month period of using this products from Sarmsamerica. Will definitely keep buying this

  123. Matteo Wilshare

    Great products with this sarms stack. Helped push me to the end of my weight loss goals!

  124. Anthony Mader

    This is my favorite sarms. I will never use another one brand. Way better results than regular other sarms company I tried. I have gone up at least 10lbs in each exercise and added 3 more reps, getting a lot leaner with more energy.

  125. Andrea Sandou

    With proper nutrition and workout routine – this products ALWAYS works and is the best Sarms brand to date! I found it also curbs your appetite slightly too which is helpful to steer away from snacking! You can achieve great results with this stuff.
    Worth every penny!

  126. Maxim Giguerre

    I can feel the difference after 1 month of using this stack. Going to the gym 5 days a week. I recommend this sarms products!

  127. Jason Moreno

    It’s been a little while after I started. Most noticible effect is I have a lot more energy to prolong my workouts. This seems crazy to me but on my regular workouts I start cramping and just can’t push any further, with this after I’m done I can keep going. Incorporated body excercises to exhaust the muscles further (dips, pullouts, pushups).

    Recovery times have shortened, after doing legs I’d need a solid week before the next workout. With this sarms stack I seem to be ready to go 2-3 days later. Overall it’s very efficient and it will give you a great boost.

    Today is the first one and went for a workout. Perhaps it was a placebo but I felt like the workout was slightly better than the usual. I always go heavy and low reps the first sets and work my way down to lower weight and more reps. My pump was phenomenal!!

  128. Roger Pederson

    I felt better after the 1st day. Increased energy, and mental alertness. After the 2nd day I noticed huge difference in strength and endurance. I will buy again for sure.

  129. Walter Nosal

    I’ve lost 10 pounds weight during a month by taking this sarms products. It’s actually the best and most efficient supplement I ever tried. highly recommended.

  130. Patrick Schnarr

    I am way more vascular while on this stuff and certainly see the tightening around my body. I’m 42, workout moderalty 3-5 days a week with a tad bit of fat here n there. Not much, but I completely tighten up after 2 weeks using shredded stack from Sarmsamerica. 24hrs tripod over here…

  131. Rick Mixon

    Very good value for money. This stack with 4 different sarms is very efficient. I’m happy with the results, no bad side effects so far at all. It was a great addition to my workout routine and meal plan.

  132. Ashton Douglas

    I struggled for a long time trying to fet leaner and find the right supplement blend, and supporting performance energy to help aid with everything. This is a great all in one solution. I ran out and definitely noticed the difference with Sarmsamerica.

  133. Kevin Werner

    I never have a problem with this products Works great! Lost a good amount of weight with them and my energy level is so much higher. Delivery came on time. Great products overall!

  134. Nick Manish

    I lost 8 pounds in a week worked out 3 days and rested the other 4 I’m not really dieting just eating chicken and beef with yogurt or ice cream for dessert was surprised I even lost weight that quick just need to keep it up , some positive effects for me was better mood and more energy. I recommend this 4 sarms even with a light work out if u eat a proper diet it’s very effective for fat loss.

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