A Definitive Guide to the Best SARMS in 2023 ( Part 2 )


This year's bringing in a lot of changes in the health domain, new products are being introduced to boost the overall health profile of athletes and people alike. We are not talking about vitamins or supplements but something a bit more specific, Sarmsamerica has become the talk of the town as these propose some great attributes to the athletes who want to change their fitness game for good. For those of you who are not acquainted with the term following is a brief interjection;

What is SARMS?

SARMS or the selective androgen receptor modulators that work as performance-boosting agents stimulating anabolism. This leads to increased strength and muscle mass while at the same time putting your body in rest mode where it can refurbish itself from all the brutal exercise the athlete has been doing and can recover in real-time. 

No doubt you would have come around many ads out there stating to be the best SARMS or simply best SARMS. But you don’t want to fall for these without conducting your own proper research into the matter first. There are various types of SARMS available out there and are different in their approach to healing the body and increasing muscle mass. If you want a more in-depth analysis of what specific SARMS will be suitable for you then you need to take a look at the following few;


Anabolic LGD4033 Ligandrol

This specific SARMS is referred to as Ligandrol simply in the pharmaceutical world and presently there is research going on to weigh the effects of Ligandrol on reducing the signs associated with aging while at the same time preventing muscle wastage. Presently it is on the prohibited list by the FDA but the research is being commenced to ask for approval in the coming future. 

It is famous among athletes as a performance-enhancing drug as consistent usage with proper exercise leads to a consecutive increase in muscle mass and reduces fatigue while boosting the stamina of the athlete in question. You would be able to find these specific SARMS LGD4033 through many online vendors that have SARMS for sale. It is advised that you don't grow a habit of consistently using this performance enhancer or it could lead to addiction when upping the dose make sure that you gradually bring it down or otherwise you will be experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. 


Shred SR9009 Stenabolic


The initial purpose of this drug was for it to be used among weight lifters, athletes, or people who engage in strenuous exercise for muscle building but research has shown positive attributes in every person who uses this specific anabolic supplement. 

People who hit the gym regularly have reported that after taking this performance enhancer with water or in some other palatable form their stamina did increase and they saw an initial boost in the fat loss process. Where something required months of diet restrictions and following a strict exercise regime was achieved in a few weeks with the help of Stenabolic inclusion. 

Research shows that this specific SARM SR9009 is associated with getting glucose treated within the liver at a faster pace which leads to its quick absorption within the skeletal muscles rather than it being absorbed in the form of fat. Prolonged use leads to a steady building of endurance which characterizes premium stamina within the user along with muscles getting immensely lean and getting in shape earlier than expected.


Andarine S4

Now, this is a SARM that is considered a treat among the bodybuilders for its fast action, some say it is the most powerful when it comes to cutting fat content within the body while getting fast and instant results. With Andarine S4 the results are pretty decent and are visible right then and there, other than cutting fat from the body this performance enhancement is also advertised as extremely effective against osteoporosis and other bone mineral deposit disorders among the adult and elderly. 

At present this drug is not approved by FDA but the research is being carried out to facilitate its approval in a dedicated window of time because if it gets the approval the sales factor for this specific SARM Andarine S4 will skyrocket as this is the only SARM with such an eccentric sale record. 

You are not advised to take this drug consistently without any medical supervision because if you do then chances are that you will get addicted to this specific SARM and it would lead to symptoms of withdrawal if you stop taking it abruptly. That is why it is recommended that you gradually lower the dosage and avoid leaving it suddenly to avoid any and all complications. 


Myostatine YK11

Muscle atrophy is a serious condition despite the fact that many people would argue that it isn't actually the case. Excessive exercise and muscle wasting are the culprits because in extreme cases muscles start to wither away rather than being developed in their most natural state and in the long run the condition develops into muscle atrophy.

YK11 is known to cure muscle atrophy in a gradual fashion and has a preventive effect when it comes to bacterial-induced muscle atrophy. It puts the body into an anabolic state to root out the dire effects of the catabolism, especially on the muscle mass and other attributes of the skeletal muscles. 

It hasn't received a green light from FDA and from other medical evaluation agencies but it is considered somewhat safe as compared to other SARMS because of the fact that it isn’t mainly used as a performance enhancer but taken as a preventive measure against muscle atrophy. Also, it is less likely for someone to become addicted to this specific SARM YK11 is based on the fact that they are not going to use it on the basis of their need.


Where to buy SARMS?

Best sarms for sale

There are multiple online vendors that you can explore for the sake of buying SARM products but if you want the most authentic and superb quality best SARMS then you must visit SARMS America today and get whatever it is that you require when it comes to fitness products. 

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