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I have been using SR and after a few weeks I can tell you I lost 15 lbs and still maintained my muscle-incredible! The quality is great and definitely will be ordering more from Sarms America as their customer service and delivery is simple and easy.

Jonah Davis

Been using S4 research and the results have been phenomenal. My overall strength has in-creased allowing me to do more sets after rest. Following rest days I have no soreness and I am able to increase my weights at my next training which is an added bonus and booster for me.

Shawn Burke

Incredible best product I have used in helping me with my gains. Easy to order and excellent quality.

Gary Silver

Amazing product – within weeks of using BikiniSummer Pack I have gained strength and had fat loss. I can now train hard and readily see my success. Highly recommend it

Jennifer D.

GW has given me the boost to trainer harder and longer and the results are fantastic.


I am impressed and fully satisfied with my results! I have noticed how my metabolism and mass increase is up and improved. I am dropping fat and my energy and recovery is still strong because the product works amazingly well. Thanks Sarms America

Alain B.

Buying it again YK 11. After using this product for over a month I can say that I have noticed an incredible difference in my pump at the gym. Added bonus is that I am sleeping better and my recovery is great so when I am back in the gym I am ready to go and train harder. Using this product equals getting the Best results.

Paul C

Highly recommend Sarms America they are helpful and ordering with them is simple and easy. I have seen amazing results in using their products from fat loss to increasing my lean body mass and overall increase in my strength and endurance.

Michael M

Hey, just want to say that your products are top quality!! I have experience no side effects and the results I am seeing with my training are phenomenal. Thanks

Anthony B

Using S4 be prepared for strength and gains that will break your usual lifting power. I have achieved my personal best with my S4 cycle. Great products Sarms America!


Hey guys if you're serious about your gains I recommend S4 from Sarms America- results are real!

Steven R

I want to say Thanks Sarms America, your customer service and quality of product- S4 has been instrumental in my lean muscle mass gain and strength gain and of course the added plus is fat loss acceleration. Great products.

Carl B

Amazing products SarmsAmerica I have seen the improvements in my arms, back and chest and great looking abs.


LGD4033 as an athlete this product is the best I gained over 4.5 lbs of lean muscle mass after 3 weeks. My strength in lifting and doing cardio increased significantly. Your body burns fat auto-matically and the best part is that you muscles feel harder and fuller all day and this makes me feel positive and powerful all day long- definitely uplifts my mood.


GW + SR has been my best bet at helping me shed my belly fat. I love my level of energy and since I have been using it my endurance has improved so much.

Amy O.

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