SARMs vs. Steroids: Unveiling the differences. Your guide to informed fitness choices.


If you are an active gym-goer or a fitness enthusiast then you might have heard about SARMs and just how effective these are when it comes to muscle gain. You can use SARMs for the sake of bulking up, increasing your strength and stamina, and all of that with minimal to no side effects whatsoever. Of course, this statement is counterproductive and only partially true. 

While it is true that SARMs supplements are not like steroids or other bulking agents that might have an adverse effect on your body and health but these are not still properly vetted and verified by the concerned authorities as perfectly safe too. To be able to better comprehend the fact if SARMs are actually steroids and if not, then how these are different from them, you must have a clear-cut understanding of what SARMs are;

What are SARMs?

SARMs or the 'selective androgen receptor modulators' are the bulking agents sold under various market names which are used to increase the weight, and stamina of the athlete in question while posing only minimal or no side effects whatsoever. It is believed to have the same effects on the body as testosterone but it is not yet declared a 100% safe supplement as more research is going on. Hence the SARMs vs Steroids debate ravishing out of control over the internet. Still, you might see the ads regarding 'SARMs for sale' all over the place and being sold as an alternative to steroids and other similar drug classes. 

Strictly speaking in the medical sense, the prospect of the SARMs is extremely beneficial in stimulating growth in specific body tissues including muscles and bones while at the same time avoiding the cruel benefits to skin or other body organs. 

Are these legal or not?

You might have run into some products online where the SARMs are added into these and the product is marked as the 'Dietary supplement' whereas the FDA has clearly stated that these are not. This means that these are not yet approved by the FDA and the WADA (world anti-doping agency) has rendered the use of SARMs completely illegal in sports and similar activities. This clearly states that the legal front of the SARMs is not yet fully transparent or credible for that matter as more research is underway and required to tackle the issue on a much more elegant note.

According to a recent statement released by FDA, it was stated that these products are not 100% safe, and in multiple studies, it was found that overexposure to the SARMs could lead to tissue degeneration, heart attack, or even stroke that can be life-threatening. 

It is a game of perspective

This is why if you are using SARMs or are thinking of buying SARMs then think again! But on the other hand, if you want to take into account the overall benefits that these propose then you will be able to find a comprehensible list below. At the end of the day, all of it comes down to your take on all of this, if you want to take the legal approach then No! SARMs are not legal yet but if you want to explore their benefits in a controlled environment then you are welcome to do so.

Benefits of SARMs

SARMs are not a 'Ruse' at all or 'worthless' for that matter. There is a specific element of caution associated with these for sure but mostly these are alright if you are willing to remain patient with them and practice a controlled exposure to them. The problem only escalates or becomes worse with SARMs when the user doesn’t want to have a normal exposure to these and becomes greedy for their gain. Anyway, following are some of the benefits that you will be able to carve out of SARMs;

  • These will provide the same benefit as the anabolic and androgenic steroids such as testosterone minus the side effects. 
  • These can help you to increase the rate at which your body is going to shed fat resulting in a much leaner and more appreciable body
  • It works directly over your muscle tissues making these constrained, lean, and fit resulting in a much more appreciable and comparatively leaner muscle mass
  • Can increase your bone density especially if taken with other calcium or Vitamin D supplements
  • Fewer chances of liver toxicity which is a common thing with other steroids. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you deal with these and how controlled and maintained your dosage is
  • It has the same anabolic effects (muscle and body mass gain) as compared with the testosterone minus the harmful implications or side effects
  • Can be used in rehab for the bone-related injuries or tearing of tendons

There are multiple varieties of SARMs out there and the muscle group that these targets along with the range of benefits these can cover will depend on the specific type of SARMs that you are using. If you stick with the prescribed amount, don't get greedy with the results, and pump up the dosage then you are going to be just fine. At the end of the day, SARMs are not steroids per se because these are synthetically prepared and all the related supplements that belong to the Steroids group have been especially discarded from the manufacturing process. 

Final thoughts

If push comes to shove and you HAVE to take SARMs then a word to the wise is that study the SARMs for sale, get to know the specific type of product that is being sold, and read out the reviews of the online vendor or site where you are buying from. This will give you a clear-cut idea of if the SARMs in question is worth it and if you should go for it or continue browsing for something better and more fit to your needs. Try to buy SARMs from a reputable vendor, this way you will be minimizing your chances of being played and ending up with an inferior product. 

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