Ostarine MK-2866

Also known as Ostarine, MK-2866 is a very popular, well-tested SARM, with no side effects observed in most users. It enhances muscle mass and helps burn fat, but Ostarine is most recognized for its unique propensity to increase bone density and aid in injury prevention & recovery.

Most users are male, as with other SARMs, however women choosing to administer SARMS will usually prefer Ostarine for its milder overall profile. While long-term use of Ostarine can suppress testosterone production in men, the compound exhibits very low risk of this or other side effects when taken in Ostarine typical dosage.

Typical dose: 15-30 mg/day

Max: 30 mg/day

Half-life: 24 hours

GH Booster MK-677

Also known as Ibutamoren, MK-677 is often stacked with other SARM’S because it behaves differently: it stimulates the pituitary gland to release growth hormone.

For this reason, MK677 is a preferred performance enhancer and is used for bulking as well as cutting, with users consistently reporting gains in lean muscle mass.

Ibutamoren is not known to be suppressive to testosterone production and, due to its affinity to oxidize fat at an accelerated rate, women looking to lose weight may prefer this SARM as well.

High-dosing users have reported side effects that include numb hands, lethargy, and increased appetite.

Typical dose: 15-30 mg/day

Max: 50 mg/day

Half-life: 24 hours

Andarine S4

Originally developed to help osteoporosis and muscle-wasting diseases, S4, or Andarine, is a first-gen SARM that’s been highly-tested over the years. Andarine S4 preserves and improves lean body mass.

That is, it decreases body fat while increasing muscle mass. Andarine is anabolically above-average, due to strong AR (androgen receptor) affinity, with superior muscle-building and fat-reducing effects.

It is also known to boost sex drive (but also reduces sperm development). Concern over vision-related side effects in one study have reportedly caused some S4 users to switch to Ostarine, which is chemically very similar.

Typical dose: 25-50 mg/day

Max: 100 mg/day

Half-life: 4-6 hours

Test Booster RAD-140 Testolone

RAD-140 is the newest second-gen SARM. Known also as Testalone or Testolone, it has very impressive and powerful muscle-building effects, even greater than those of LGD-4033. Despite it’s highly-anabolic profile, there are almost no reports of significant testosterone suppression or other side effects (this may be due, however, to its recency on the market).

Clinical testing shows RAD-140 counteracts prostate enlargement, and also may exhibit neuro-protective and neuro-regenerative properties.

Rad-140 Typical dose: 15-30 mg/day

Max: 30 mg/day

Half-life: 12-18 hours

Cardarine GW-501516

Endurance SARMS

GW501516, or Cardarine, is said to provide incredible energy levels during workouts or training. Due to its synergistic effects of accelerating fat loss while increasing endurance abilities, this SARM is best known as a fat burner.

Ubiquitous reports of Cardarine’s ability to raise metabolism and increase athletic stamina have also made it a favorite PED (performance enhancing drug) for endurance athletes.

As with all SARMS, its anabolic properties and high specific AR affinity also stimulate increased muscle gain.

Typical dose: 45-90 mg/day

Max: 90 mg/day

Half-life: 20-24 hours

Shred SR-9009 Stenabolic

Stenabolic, or SR-9009, is not technically a SARM but its effects are similar so it is sold on sites where peptides and SARMs are sold.

It has the endurance-boosting effects of Cardarine, but also provides increased energy and enhanced metabolism to burn fat stores. It is non-hormonal (does not target AR’s), so shutdown and PCT are not issues.

The shorter half-life of a few hours means users will want to target a specific time of day, such as just before hitting the gym.

Typical dose: 20 mg/day

Max: 30 mg/day (spaced out)

Half-life: 4-6 hours

Myostatine YK-11

YK-11 promotes the growth of new muscle cells, prolongs muscle retention and “memory” (i.e. gains are not lost).

Though YK-11 is generalized as a SARM, its chemical makeup is closer to a synthetic steroid. It is also different functionally: like a SARM, its effects are on muscle tissue, but rather than act on androgen receptors, it is a myostatin inhibitor.

Myostatin is the chemical that regulates (and limits) muscle growth, so inhibiting myostatin is effectively stopping the limiting of muscle growth.

YK-11 is considered a second-generation SARM and lacks significant clinical research. It is often added as a second or third component to a SARM stack, and users who try YK-11 typically return to it.

Typical dose: 5-15 mg/day

Max dose: 15 mg/day

Half-life: 6-10 hours

Half-life and Dosage Explained

A drug’s half-life refers to how long it lasts in the body; specifically, the amount of time it takes its concentration to decrease by half.

Clearly this is important to know when ensuring the proper dosage of SARMS. Some SARM’S have a relatively long half-life, such as 24 hours or more, so the full daily dose can be taken at once—in the morning, for example.

Other SARM’S have a shorter half-life, such as 6 hours, so dosing needs to be spread out during the day to keep concentration levels steady.

Andarine stands out among the listed SARM’S as having a conspicuously short half-life.

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