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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARMS is a product that is chemically the same as anabolic steroids. Few SARMs are now available in the market. Some of these are stronger and have higher risks of unwanted side effects than the others have. Ours are safe and effective.

In order to really understand how these supplements work, you must first look at the science of hormones. These hormones are known as chemical messengers that are used by the body in communication with the cells.

You can also think of these hormones are the outgoing mails containing important instructions and as soon as they reach the cells’ mailboxes-which are known as hormone receptors-commands are carried out.

Androgens pertain to hormones responsible of producing masculinity including facial hair, deeper voice, lower fat levels in the body and more. Testosterone is the most widely known androgen but there are still more other androgens.

The androgens are known to exert their effects into the human body in three major ways:

Bind to the androgen receptors of your cells.

Convert to Dihydrotestosterone Hormone or DHT which eventually binds to the androgen receptors.

Convert to Hormonal estradiol (estrogen) that binds into a different type of receptors on the cells (estrogen receptor)

Under normal situations, your body generates androgen production carefully depending on sensitive feedback mechanisms in order to avoid imbalances. The moment you introduce anabolic steroids to your body although your cells are flooded with androgens, numerous available receptors ended up fully saturated.

This delivers extraordinary powerful messages to all the cells that are listening which include the muscle cells. These cells grow hastily in response. These sound like good times to weightlifters however, there are certain liabilities.

Research reveals that some side effects of using steroids are reversible and some are not. Also, permanent damages can be possible. For example, reversible changes include cysts, acne, testicular atrophy or shrinking, oily skin and hair, bad cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, low sperm count, increased aggression and more.

The irreversible damages are liver disease, heart dysfunction, male pattern baldness, and gynecomastia. Another main downside of steroids is risk of psychological and biological addiction. One study has discovered that about 30% of individuals using steroid have developed dependence syndrome.

If you take time to speak honestly to drug users, you will hear about their highly addictive properties. For years, scientists are trying to develop steroids as well as steroid-like drugs that are not as detrimental to the health of the people as well as their overall well-being. Supplement marketers claim that Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM is just that.

SARMs are non-steroidal drugs especially designed to stimulate androgen receptors in bone and muscle cells, having minimal effects on the other body cells. In particular, sense consuming regular anabolic steroids can seem like you are carpet-bombing your own system with these known androgens. This easily gets the job well done however; it is sloppy and results to lots of collateral damages.

Taking SARMs is like drone striking the bad terrorists. This means that SARMs can actually tell the muscle cells to fully grow without actually all the mess and noise caused by the anabolic steroids. Theoretically speaking, SARM can truly accomplish this in two major ways:

They have this special affinity for particular tissues like bone and muscle but not really for others like brain, liver and prostate

They do not break down to unwanted molecules causing side effects like estrogen and DHT as easily.

The second point is truly significant.

One of the important aspects of SARMs is that they are not easily metabolised and are found to produce numerous side effects not attributed to 5-a reductase, which converts testosterone to DHT.

SARMs are resistant to enzyme aromatase that converts testosterone into estrogen. Finally, since SARMs are said to be less powerful than the regular steroids, they do not suppress the natural production of testosterone as heavily. This makes it easier for them to recover from.

Reasons Individuals Supplement with SARMS

Originally, SARMs are developed for individuals with diseases like anemia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis and muscle wasting. These were intended to be healthier alternatives to testosterone replacement therapy.

Now, many bodybuilders commonly take SARMs for one of the following two reasons:

“Get their feet wet” with the use of anabolic drugs before going to the traditional steroid cycles.

Increase the steroid cycle’s effectiveness without exacerbating the health risks or side effects.

Numerous bodybuilders also believe that SARMs are helpful especially in terms of cutting for these help retain the lean mass but do not increase the water retention.

How Well Do SARMs Work?

Surrey University researchers discovered that although SARMs are somewhat powerful and effective for muscle building, they are certainly more efficient and safer than natural steroids

SARMs-Are They Safe?

The non-steroidal SARMs have just been around for couple of decades and sadly, still lack soli human research. We are clueless on the exact process of how these work as well as their potential side effects for long term. This is somehow a legitimate cause of concern.

However, here is what we know so far…

SARM suppresses the appetite for your natural testosterone production.

One of the major selling points for these drugs is the claim that these do not blunt the body’s testosterone production. It is a lie. These drugs actually do.

As an example, one study wherein 3 male subjects taking 3-milligram of SARM Ostarine every day for 86 days experienced 23% drop in free testosterone. There is also a 43% drop in the total testosterone level. The same effects were observed in the said study as well as with Ligandrol supplement.

Truth is, SARMs have been investigated as male contraceptive for the reason that these drugs lower follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormone that reduces sperm count as well as the testosterone level. All this is not surprising if you consider basic physiology in play.

When androgens are introduced into your body, this recognizes the spike then responds through reducing its very own production. The more amounts of SARMs taken the more effects you can possibly experience.

SARMs are not completely free from risks and side effects but the point is, these are minimal on small doses. Bodybuilders do not usually take small dose though that is why, they often experience side effects linked with steroid use including hair loss and acne. SARMs are easier to recover from as compared to regular steroids Finland.

It can be recalled that these do not convert to DHT or estrogen in exactly the same way the steroids do. This means that they also do not affect your system negatively. SARMs are also not as anabolic as the pure testosterone although there is not enough available research to know or explain this exactly.

Bottom Line

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARMs provides good benefits of anabolic steroids with minimal short-term side effects. These drugs are not as effective as steroids however; these certainly boost the growth of muscles more than the natural supplements readily available in the market today.

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