sarms supplements


Sarms Supplements


Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.  Sarms are supplements that have taken the fitness industry and bodybuilding world by storm.

You may be asking yourself why Sarms Supplements are so popular, well the answer is quite simple.   The reason this supplement is taking such a spotlight in the fitness industry and bodybuilding world is because it is a supplement that targets specific tissues in your body and they work on making your muscle tissue grow.

Why have these products taken on such a spotlight?  Well to put in in simple terms, SARMs provides you with the same benefits as taking steroids except without all the downsides that occur when taking anabolic steroids.

You see, when you use  Sarms supplements you are telling your muscle cells to grow  ( such as anabolic steroids do )   without the secondary impacts that anabolic  steroids have on your body.

When taking these supplements you are building muscles, losing fat, building lean muscle, gaining speedy recovery and healing joint injuries.

You may be saying this is too good to be true…..well let s put it this way.  It is Good and it is True.

You see Sarms supplements are drawn to certain tissues like muscle and bone and stay away form others like, the brain, prostate and liver. 

Sams are less powerful than regular steroids, so they do not suppress natural testosterone production as heavily, making them easier to recover from.

Bodybuilders have been stated that Sarms Supplements are especially helpful for cutting because they help retain lean mass and do not seem to increase water retention.

In summary this is how it applies to Body Builders

Sams can be used either in conjunction with or as a replacement for traditional anabolics for the following reasons.

  • Lean Muscle Growth
  • Preventing muscle loss during cutting and weight loss
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • PCT use after anabolics


Check out this post if you want to learn more about the benefits of SARMs.


Of course the benefits when compared to steroids:


  • Oral (no injections needed)
  • Similar effects to testosterone (libido, strength gains, fat loss etc…)
  • No conversion to Dihydrotestosterone
  • No conversion to Estrogen
  • No harsh liver toxicity from methylated compounds
  • Does not inhibit your HPTA to the large extent of sterodis (no large reduction in LH or FSH)


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