Sarms America`s Anabolic LGD-4033 LIGANDROL


LGD-4033 or ligandrol is a selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM. It is a non-steroidal SARM that attaches to the androgen receptor (AR) characterized with selectivity and high affinity.

One of the cool things about LGD 4033 is how it is tissue selective, which was why it was initially used to treat muscle-wasting conditions.

LGD 4033 Sarms was developed for the treatment of conditions like osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

LGD 4033 produces the same results as steroids, but without the unpleasant side effects. Let just say that it is the most potent selective androgen receptor modulator on the market, meaning that it is ideal for those who want some serious gains. 


 Sarms America`s Anabolic Protects Muscle Mass

Sarms America`s Anabolic can be consumed for the purpose of preventing muscle waste as it has the properties to create bone-strengthening and healing properties.

How is this possible? Well it s relates to how LGD-4033 targets your bone and muscle cells.

LGD-4033 is good for bodybuilders who are looking to preserve their muscle and it can be beneficial in preventing muscle loss that is related to aging.

In men, muscle loss starts to decline at about 35 years of age. So it is a good strategy to slow down the process by taking LGD-4033 as part of your supplement regime.

Sarms America`s Anabolic Increases Energy Production and Anabolic Activity

LGD-4033 helps increase anabolic activity and in turn it leads to a leaner body with minimal fat.

As previously stated, LGD-4033 produces similar effects to that of anabolic steroids, but without the usual side effects which makes it highly popular to athletes.

Although classical anabolic steroids have proven to be of immense value in the treatment of many medical conditions, they come with a number of unwanted side effects. Because SARMs like LGD-4033 are more selective in the tissue they target, they provide a better alternative.

RESULTS OF LGD-4033 -Sarms America’s Anabolic

The results of LGD 4033 are similar to those of Ostarine (MK-2866) but about 5 times stronger. The most common effects of LGD 4033 are an increase in muscle mass and strength, improved bone density, and faster recovery.

LGD-4033 is one of the most-researched SARMs, together with Ostarine. It has been through clinical trials and has proven to provide strong anabolic effects.

Making Sarms America`s Anabolic one of the most popular SARMs available.

Some of the benefits of LGD 4033 are:


  • One of the key benefits of LGD 4033 is its ability to increase muscle mass and strength.
  • When used during a caloric deficit, it helps to maintain muscle mass.


  • Beside the effect it has on the prevention of muscle wasting, it has the ability to improve bone health by increasing bone mineral density.
  • One of the main goals in the development of LGD-4033 actually is the treatment of osteoporosis.


  • While SARMs have less side effects then androgenic anabolic steroids, they are no side effect free.
  • The most common side effect of LGD 4033l is suppression of the natural testosterone production. From the evidence that is available, there is a rapid return to baseline after the use is discontinued.


Sarms America`s Anabolic is one of the most popular SARMs in bodybuilding.

  • When used in a cycle the most common dosage is 10 mg per day for men or 5 mg per day for women, during a period of 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Because LGD 4033 has a long half-life (24 to 36 hours), it is usually dosed once a day.
  • Since it is the best strongest SARMs, it is recommended to use very less amount of the drug, especially for first-time users.
  • It is recommended to use 5 to 15 mg of the drug for the first 6 weeks and you can gradually increase the dose when your body gets comfortable with the drug.

Sarms America`s Anabolic Benefits

  • This product is particularly made for weight loss and cutting fat.
  • It plays a vital role when it comes to bulking and gaining lean muscle weight.

Besides its bulking and weight loss qualities, the LGD 4033 is capable of doing a lot more than that.

  • It is also a proven drug for the treatment of muscle degeneration, osteoporosis, and other degenerative conditions.
  • It can prevent muscle degeneration and osteoporosis like diseases. To put a cherry on top, its drug has some qualities that can improve the sex drive of the individual also.

In Summary, LGD 4033 is a great Sarm for cutting fat and you can lose a ton of weight using it but also you will be able to bulk up on it as well so it really is great for both! This is possible as it is 12 times more powerful than Ostarine as it is the more modern update.

Remember that Sarms are a safer way of experiencing most of the benefits of anabolic steroids, without exposing yourself to the risk that steroids pose.





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