Social distancing and sheltering in place are starting to feel more like prison lock down or solitary confinement for some.

During this time of shut-down many have asked if we’re still open and shipping.

YES, we are open! We are here for you.

Shipping – Our shipping team has adjusted shifts but continue to meet your same-day shipping needs (6 pm EST cut-off time). USPS has experienced a few hiccups, but not too bad all things considering. We’ve seen a slight delay in US deliveries only about 10% of the time. International deliveries are taking a little longer perhaps 20% of the time, depending on how the destination country’s Customs and Postal services are coping with the crisis.

Sanitation – As if we weren’t obsessed enough with quality and cleanliness, we’ve stepped things up even more. Extra sanitation measures are in force in our production and shipping areas, and everyone wears face masks. Your product — from powder to pills to bottles to packing — is handled 100% with the white-glove treatment (latex gloves, that is).

SARMs were originally created to fight muscular atrophy for sedentary patients with catabolic muscle-wasting conditions …

Light and heat (especially) are enemies to the virus, and our products are treated with both, right after raw production and right after volumetric mixing. After that, capsulisation, bottling, labeling and packaging are all performed by trained staff wearing gloves, face masks, and hair nets.

We know this is a difficult time… less freedom to do the things you love… less paycheck in many cases. So we’ve reduced our pricing on stacks even further … plus introduced a special new stack.

The SARMs Maintenance Mode stack was created for researchers looking to use SARMs to combat muscle catobolism due to sedentary lifestyle conditions imposed by Corona virus and Covid-19.

SARMs were originally created to inhibit muscular atrophy and the degenerative effects on related systems for sedentary patients with catabolic muscle-wasting conditions such as cancer or patients (such as burn victims) requiring prolonged physical down-time (source). Ostarine was created to also enhance bone density and as an androgenic therapy may have regenerative growth effects on surrounding tissue as well (source). 

Ostarine & Cardarine ‘Maintenance Mode’ Stack


SARMs for SaleSARMs for Sale 


We’re grateful to you, our customers. Our returning customer rate continues at about 70%… a ridulously high number for any ecommmerce.

Our Maintenance Mode stack will stay at 35% off for the duration of the isolation imposed by Covid19.

We know you have many choices. So, once again, we thank you for choosing SARMS AMERICA.


You can take a look at this link (Sarmsamerica products)

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