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Noopept Capsules 20mg

  • Enhanced memory
  • Boost neuron growth
  • Sharper Focus
  • Improved mood
  • Lower levels of stress and irritability
  • Better cognitive abilities
  • 1000x Piracetam potency

What Noopept Nootropic Do ?

Noopept, a peptide-derived nootropic, boasts superior bioavailability compared to its racetam counterparts. Enthusiasts of Noopept nootropics appreciate the remarkable impact this smart drug has on memory, concentration, and even mood enhancement. Experience the cognitive benefits of Noopept as it elevates your mental performance to new levels.

Find Noopept For Sale At Sarmsamerica

Sarmsamerica proudly produces premium Noopept for sale, delivering the highest quality and potency in the market. Noopept supplements, derived from peptides, have the potential to significantly enhance memory, concentration, and mood. Researchers speculate it to be 1,000 times more potent than another common smart drug, Piracetam.

What Is Noopept?

Noopept supplements, recognized as nootropics or smart drugs, serve as a prodrug of cycloprolylglycine, a neuropeptide that enhances brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in neuronal cells. BDNF plays a crucial role in instructing the creation of proteins within the brain and spinal cord, overseeing the growth, maturation, and maintenance of various nerve cells.

Research indicates that Noopept nootropics exhibit an affinity for increasing acetylcholine signaling in the brain. Additionally, these nootropics can elevate the expression of both BDNF and nerve growth factor (NGF), offering potential protection against glutamate toxicity and increasing inhibitory neurotransmission in the brain.

Spatial Memory & Noopept Nootropics

Note: In a study involving mice, olfactory bulbectomy was performed before administering Noopept nootropics to simulate specific behavioral changes in the mice, including alterations in social and cognitive behavior and activity levels.

In a recent study testing spatial memory using the Morris water maze, mice were administered Noopept nootropics at a ratio of 0.01mg/kg over 21 days, with five of those days involving Noopept treatment. Results showed that Noopept treatment completely restored spatial memory in mice that had undergone olfactory bulbectomy. Additionally, treatment with Noopept nootropics increased serum antibody levels.

The Importance Of Dopamine In The Mind

Dopamine, a simplified feel-good molecule inherent in our bodies, plays a pivotal role beyond inducing contentment. Derived from the catecholamine and phenethylamine families, catecholamine, a neurotransmitter, comprises catechol and a side-chain amine. This class includes epinephrine and Dopamine. Phenethylamines, recognized for psychoactive and stimulant effects, feature substances like amphetamines.

Constituting approximately 80% of catecholamine in our brain, Dopamine primarily functions as a neurotransmitter, transmitting signals to our cells. Modulating dopamine levels can yield various positive outcomes, particularly in forming positive habits.

Consider the example of exercising for enjoyment. Opting for an exercise that brings happiness activates the dopamine pathway, associated with reward-motivated behavior. Noopept nootropics positively influence both dopamine receptors and acetylcholine nicotinic receptors, promoting increased production of these compounds.

Noopept Nootropic Benefits & Side Effects

While the effects of Noopept are generally positive, it's essential to be aware of potential side effects. Like many other nootropic smart drugs, the demonstrated side effects of Noopept supplements tend to be mild or may not be experienced at all. Some of the most common Noopept side effects include irritability, nausea, and the possibility of insomnia if taken at night.

However, it's crucial to note that the Noopept benefits are shown to significantly outweigh potential side effects. Noopept benefits may include:

  • Enhanced memory
  • Sharper focus
  • Lower levels of stress and irritability
  • Better cognitive abilities
  • Boost neuron growth
  • Improved mood
  • 1000x Piracetam potency

Application: Stimulation of dopamine receptors and acetylcholine nicotinic receptors.
CAS: 157115-85-0
Molecular Weight: 318.367 g/mol
Chemical Formula: C17H22N2O4
Chemical Name: N-Phenylacetyl-l-prolylglycine ethyl ester
Synonyms: Omberacetam; GVS-111; DVD-111; SGS-111; Benzylcarbonyl-Pro-Gly-OEt
Storage: Should be stored in a cool, dark and dry space
Stability: 2 Years
Purity: 99%
Solubility: 25 mg/ml in DMSO and DMF
Organoleptic Profile: Powder
Physical Form: Crystalline powder
Specifications: 20mg per Capsule
Container: 60 Noopept Capsules per Bottle
Terms: The products we offer are intended for laboratory research use only.

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