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Phenibut Capsules 250mg

  • Lower Levels of Stress, Depression & Anxiety
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Memory
  • Enhanced Cognitive Function
  • Stronger Critical Thinking Skills
  • Increased Sexual Drive
  • Neuroprotection
  • Cardioprotection

Effects of Phenibut Nootropic 

Phenibut is emerging as a globally popular and versatile smart drug, celebrated for its diverse benefits. Originally designed as an anxiety treatment, Phenibut nootropic quickly garnered attention for its effects that reach beyond stress relief. In contemporary settings, individuals ranging from students to CEOs are turning to Phenibut capsules to elevate cognitive functions, uplift mood, and augment memory.

What is Phenibut ?

The introduction of the Phenibut nootropic dates back to the 1960s in the Soviet Union when it was initially researched as an anti-anxiety and insomnia medication. Its unique mechanism allows it to function as both a depressant and produce anxiolytic effects.

Phenibut is a derivative of the inhibitory transmitters, known as GABA, making it a GABA analog. As GABA serves as the primary inhibitory transmitter in the nervous system, understanding how Phenibut affects it is crucial.

Phenibut vs. GABA

GABA plays a key role in reducing neuron excitability in our nervous systems. The notable distinction between GABA and the Phenibut nootropic lies in Phenibut's ability to penetrate our blood-brain barriers. This is made possible by a phenyl ring attached to it.

While Phenibut is primarily acclaimed for its effects in alleviating depression and asthenia, researchers have explored its potential as a treatment for alcoholism, positioning it as one of the best smart drugs in today's market

The Importance Of GABA Receptors

GABA, or γ-Aminobutyric acid, is crucial in our central nervous systems as the main inhibitory neurotransmitter, significantly reducing neuron excitability. There are two types of GABA receptors – GABAa and GABAb.

GABAa receptors belong to the ligand-gated ion channel complex category, also known as ionotropic receptors. They are transmembrane ion channel proteins that open channels in response to the binding of a chemical messenger, playing a key role in neurotransmission and neural inhibition.

On the other hand, GABAb receptors are metabotropic receptors, functioning as G protein-coupled receptors. They regulate the opening or closing of ion channels through intermediaries.

Tactile & Sensory Function From Phenibut Nootropic

In a frequently referenced study, researchers subjected rats to middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) and monitored sensory, tactile functions, and histological outcomes. MCAO was induced through filament insertion or ET1 microinjection. Researchers then administered Phenibut at doses of 10mg and 50mg per kilogram of weight over a two-week period.

Upon conclusion of the experiment, researchers inferred that the administered dose of Phenibut exhibited neuroprotective properties.

Phenibut's Benefits & Side Effects

Similar to other nootropics, Phenibut capsules sale offer a wide range of benefits. Notably, Phenibut effects have been observed to assist with stress, depression, and anxiety. Additionally, it is known to impact the ability to achieve more restful sleep. Some other less recognized Phenibut benefits include an increase in cognitive function and libido.

However, as with most compounds, there is a potential for side effects. In numerous case studies, Phenibut capsules were generally well-tolerated. Nevertheless, some individuals did report side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, and sleepiness.

It's worth noting that over time, test subjects developed a tolerance to the Phenibut dose. With consistent increases in the Phenibut dosage, some patients reported experiencing rebound effects, particularly in the form of anxiety and insomnia.

Phenibut FAA & HCL Difference

Two prevalent forms of the Phenibut nootropic are available, with Phenibut HCL being the more familiar variant. Phenibut HCL is the hydrochloride salt form obtained by allowing the free amino acid form of Phenibut to react with hydrochloric acid. In markets where Phenibut is purchasable, the HCL type has dominated sales, given its convenience and cost-effectiveness for the average consumer.

Phenibut FAA is the free amino acid form. In recent times, the FAA version of Phenibut has become more accessible in the market, challenging the dominance of the HCL version, especially for those preferring sublingual administration. Unlike Phenibut HCL, researchers can administer Phenibut FAA sublingually, allowing it to dissolve and directly enter the bloodstream.

Is Phenibut Legal ?

While Phenibut capsules are prohibited from being sold as a dietary supplement in the U.S., ordering Phenibut online or using it is not illegal.

Buy Phenibut Online At Sarmsamerica

Sarmsamerica produces top-quality Phenibut for sale, ensuring the highest standards of quality and potency. Derived from Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, commonly known as GABA, Phenibut acts as a neurotransmitter with the primary role of reducing stress and enhancing moods.

Application: Neurotransmitter that improves mood and lowers stress levels
CAS: 3060-41-1
Molecular Weight: 179.219 g/mol
Chemical Formula: C10H13NO2
Chemical Name: β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid (HCL)
Synonyms: Fenibut, Phenybut, and Citrocard
Storage: Should be stored in a cool, dark and dry space.
Stability: 2 Years
Purity: 99%
Solubility: 35 mg/mL in water
Organoleptic Profile: Bitter taste, crystalline powder
Physical Form: Solid, powder form
Specifications: 250mg per Capsule
Container: 60 Phenibut Capsules per Bottle
Terms: The products we offer are intended for laboratory research use only.

Shop Phenibut For Sale At Sarmsamerica

If you're in search of high-quality Phenibut online, Sarmsamerica is your go-to source. As a trusted provider of the best nootropics, peptides, and SARMs, we offer Phenibut capsules designed to alleviate anxiety and enhance overall mental well-being. Explore our Phenibut for sale at Sarmsamerica today. Unsure if Phenibut is the right nootropic for your research? Feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team at They are more than willing to provide information on our inventory of nootropics, assisting you in making the best choice for your research.

*Disclaimer: The Phenibut on this site is intended for research use only. Not for human consumption. This product is not a drug, supplement, food, or cosmetic, and it should not be misused, sold, labeled, or branded as such. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease.


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Fist time I’m trying nootropics. The phenibut is very powerful and helpful for my office work. I can see a big difference in concentration and focus. My mood improves a bit also.

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Excellent nootropic

Excellent nootropics. I’m satisfied with the results.

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I can definitely tell a difference with after taking phenibut! I won’t go without now.

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One I it is an insane product. I can see a big difference with my concentration and quickness at work as an entrepreneur. This product is perfect for my self and I’m happy to discover this nootropic at Sarmsamerica.

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